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Salt water pools have unique maintenance requirements, and we’re here to help.

There are several reasons why someone might choose a salt water pool instead of a pool that requires chlorine to remain clean. First, a salt water pool provides you with softer water, and there’s no risk of dealing with harsh chemicals that can burn your eyes or turn blonde hair green. Second, salt water pool maintenance tends to be easier compared to traditional pool maintenance. However, this doesn’t mean that you can ignore maintenance needs altogether.

Salt Water Pool Maintenance in Naples, Florida

Here at Gulfshore Pools LLC, we have helped homeowners throughout the Naples, Florida area with both regular and salt water pool maintenance needs. Our team has over a decade of professional experience, so we’re equipped with the skills, tools, and knowledge to repair, maintain, and clean all types of pools with efficiency and reliability. When you turn to us for salt water pool maintenance, you can always expect us to leave you with a noticeably cleaner pool that you can safely enjoy.

One key component of salt water pool maintenance is ensuring that there’s enough salt in the water and that it’s able to circulate properly. If your pool pump isn’t functioning properly, the salt won’t be evenly dispersed throughout your pool, which can lead to some major issues. Furthermore, it’s important to regularly check the pH and chlorine levels, as well as the calcium and alkalinity levels. If you’re not sure why these factors are crucial, we highly recommend speaking with one of our team members today.

Whether you’re a new owner of a pool or have had a salt water pool for years, you can always turn to us for reliable salt water pool maintenance services. Just call us today to get started.

At Gulfshore Pools LLC, we offer salt water pool maintenance services in Naples, Cape Coral, Estero, Marco Island, Port Royal, and Bonita Springs, Florida.