Why should I have a specialist repair my pool instead of doing it myself?

Because you could injure yourself or damage your equipment. When you need pool repairs fast, call Gulfshore Pools, LLC for expert service.

What kind of pool repair do you do?

  • Pool filter repair
  • Pool pump repair
  • Gas heater repair
  • Pool cleaning system repair
  • Broken Tile Pieces
  • Malfunctioning pool control system

What's included with your Pool Cleaning service?

We'll save you the trouble of...

  • Balancing chemicals
  • Adjusting the water level
  • Cleaning out skimmer baskets

Why do you use ascorbic acid to clean a pool?

Ascorbic acid, also known as vitamin C, can dissolve the organic and rust stains that make your pool look so dirty. We've got over 10 years of pool cleaning experience, so we know how much ascorbic acid to use with the chlorine in your pool.

How do I know its time to get my pool cleaned?

  • Your whole pool is covered in rust or tannin stains.
  • You're fed up with scrubbing stains from your pool walls.
  • You don't want to drain your pool to reach the stains at the bottom.

Our pool stain treatment can eliminate stains without the need for scrubbing or draining your pool. Call 239-839-8477 now to learn more.


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